Roger Stephens of Chester

Piano Tuition, Recitals, Musical Accompaniment, Guided Tours, Illustration work and Lectures

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Roger has given many illustrated talks on the subject of both his books and local historical/wildlife subjects. His talks always prove very popular with local history groups, wildlife groups, W.I.s, etc.

As an example, some of his most popular talks are centred on the following subjects:

The History of Cheshire’s Wildlife
This talk begins in prehistory, when bears, lynx, wolves and wild cattle roamed the Cheshire Plain and charts the dramatic changes in the region’s fauna up to the present day.
The Folklore of Cheshire’s Wildlife
This is based on the knowledge that Roger Stephens gleaned from meetings with older people in rural Cheshire while researching the Boom of the Bitterbump: a fascinating mixture of wildlife observation, superstition, dialect, poetry and song.
Wildlife of Wirral
The changing story of Wirral’s wildlife from medieval times to the present: the Forest of Wirral, where deer and wild boar once roamed, the Dee estuary, where wildfowlers used to stalk the flocks of duck and geese, the tales of the Parkgate shrimpers, etc.
Chester in old postcards
A talk based on old photographs of the city, showing how it has changed since the Victorian era.

If your society or organisation would like something a little different, please feel free to click on the following link for an informal chat without obligation, about Roger's talks.